Thursday, March 9, 2017

Giant Blogiversary Sale Part 4: Batiks and Contemporary Fabrics

This is the last part to our Blogiversary Sale ( promise !)  All this pretty fabric will remain available at Quilt Inspiration E-Bay  until purchased.  

Unless otherwise noted, these fabrics are from Princess Mirah , Hoffman California International, or
Tonga Batiks by Timeless Treasures. Click on the link just above the fabric photo, and you'll go directly to the E-Bay listing.

And, please stay tuned for a Free Pattern Day coming up soon !

1 1/4 yds total - Two pieces of raspberry-tangerine batik with circular floral motif

1 1/4 yards total of 2 pieces of new cotton batik for quilting. Please see all photos ! Super low price of $2.99, since the fabric is in two pieces. (plus shipping). For multiple fabric purpose, we can combine your items into one package to save you shipping costs.
 Colors are raspberry pink and tangerine orange on a light pink/pastel blue background.  The motif is circular flowers, which are about 4 inches in diameter. One piece of fabric is size 36" x 28" ( about 3/4 yd), and the other piece is 1/2 yd --  still in the original wrapper, right from the fabric store. This bright batik coordinates beautifully with other jewel tone fabrics, such as turquoise, emerald green, amethyst purple, or lavender.

1/2 yard Magenta-Turquoise-Lime Green Batik with Pebbles Motif 

One half yard of new cotton batik fabric in a pebble motif with  turquoise blue and lime green pebbles on a magenta or violet red background. Pebbles are about one-half inch across.

This vibrantly colored, very distinctive fabric coordinates well with all warm hues, such as hot pink, rose pink, tangerine orange, apricot, and lemon yellow. It also coordinates well with cool hues of blue-violet, grape, lime and chartreuse, and royal purple.  For multiple purchases, we can combine your items into one package to save you shipping costs.
Super-low price of $2.99 for this cheery batik 

1 5/6 yds- 4 fabrics medley Hoffman/California Intl. batiks in Woodblock/Thumbprint Motif 

1 5/6 yards of 4 different Hoffman/California International new, never washed cotton batiks in the Woodblock/Thumbprint motif. These batiks are all from the same fabric line and coordinate perfectly. We made a modern quilt for our local quilt show, which looks fabulous in these batiks -- now it's your turn ! The thumbprint or woodblock motif is about 3 inches across. There are 5 pieces of 4 different colors: Grape/Turquoise ,  Magenta/Aqua Green , Light Gold/Deep Gold,  and Light Gold/Light Magenta.  Super low Blogiversary Sale price of $ 5.99 for almost 2 yards of name brand batik. 

 1 Yard Batik in Magenta/Grape/Deep Salmon With Mosaic Floral Motif

1 yard of new, never washed cotton batik in magenta/grape/rose pink/ deep salmon on a dark background. This batik has a very interesting, artistic mosaic design of circular flowers, about 1 1/2 inches across. It coordinates well with warm hues of golds, tans, burgundy, and soft oranges, and with cool hues of teal, violets, and royal purple.  Super-low price $4.49.  For multiple fabric purchases, we can combine them into one package in order to save you shipping costs.

One yard- 3 separate pieces- Batik in pastel warm shades- pinks and yellows 

We have one-half yard plus two fat quarters of this batik, which works well as a lovely blender fabric.
We bought to use as a sunset sky for a landscape quilt, and the soft pastel pinks and yellow, with a hint of pastel lavender-blue worked great. It's a a softly colored batik with gentle pastels to coordinate with other warm colors, ( or even complementary cool colors). $2.99 (plus First Class shipping. For multiple fabric purchases, we can combine them in one package to save you money on shipping costs).

One-half yard red and orange batik with off-white spirals 
Sold - Thank you so much ! 😊

One yard fuchsia and blue-violet print from Baum Textiles 
Sold- Thank you so much ! 😊

7/8 yard Triangular Geometric Print in Black, Pink, Lavender, Yellow, Blue from Blank Quilting 
Sold - Thank you so much ! 😊

( More batiks and contemporary fabrics will be added soon to this blog post. Thanks very much for your patience).


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